Safety Day Campaign

The Safety Day Campaign is a comprehensive month long program structured to inform and improve employee's and contractor's attitudes and behavior with regards to safety.

The Safety Campaign is a process of coaching each employee through state of the art methods and programs to enable them to be more involved and effective at managing safety on a personal and organizational level on a daily basis.

The Safety Campaign will reduce incident rates, enhance interaction and teamwork between employees, increase productivity, create job loyalty and reduce stress at the work place.

Why does your Company need a Safety Campaign and a Safety Day?

Safety campaigns and safety days

  • Reinforce safety messages & raise employees’ safety awareness
  • Increase buy-in from your staff including your top-level management
  • Compliment existing health and safety processes and procedures
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle as a benefit not only to the employees but also the employer
  • Improve the status/profile of the safety team
  • Enable employees to take more responsibility for their own health & safety
  • Encourage employees to talk to each other on issues of work and safety
  • Function as an excellent team building exercise
  • Enable learning about safety through fun

How do we do to organize a successful Safety Campaign and a Safety Day event for your company: Our company can:

  • Plan and organize the entire Safety Campaign and a Safety Day event.
  • Create and deliver innovative programs and techniques to develop employees’ ownership for safety.
  • Coordinate with all departments and insure all employees’ participation and involvement.
  • Encourage and help employees to develop their own Safety Pledges.
  • Create and develop a Safety Day theme, motto, and logo to be used in all communications.
  • Create a general announcement explaining a Safety Day event, an agenda and contests.
  • Arrange an in-house media campaign targeting all employees.
  • Arrange a production of an in-house video featuring your own employees’ Safety Pledges
  • Generate Safety Day materials
  • Arrange and promote a Safety Hero contest and safety quizzes