California HSE Group provides Health Safety and Environmental (HSE) consulting and training services.

Applying the extensive knowledge and resources of our managers, advisors, specialist field professionals and trainers to identify and implement solutions for any Health, Safety and Environmental challenges your organization may encounter.

We improve your company's level of quality, compliance and community participation as a Good Corporate Citizen and increase your competitive advantage by

  • Assisting organizations to create and maintain a quality Health, Safety and Environmental culture.
  • Creating pro-active Health, Safety, Environmental Management Systems for our clients.
  • Minimizing our client's HSE risks through specialized methods of risk management.
  • Developing and implementing custom HSE plans and procedures for our clients.
  • Assessing and reducing detrimental environmental, social and health impacts of industry operations or proposed developments.
  • Conducting and monitoring Health, Safety and Environmental audits.
  • Conducting accredited and effective HSE leadership and behavior safety programs.
  • Providing Health, Safety and Environmental training specifically designed for our client's requirements.


  • Evaluate the client's needs, capabilities and requirements.
  • Research, research, research!
  • Develop a practical plan of action.
  • Clarify the priorities with the client.
  • Implement the plan in a timely manner.
  • Maintain and review progress.
  • Evaluate results upon completion
  • Establish continuing maintenance program

We Also Offer

  • OSHA training
  • Offshore drilling
  • Oil and Gas training
  • NEBOSH in the USA
  • NEBOSH IGC, NEC in Houston, Texas and Los Angeles, California
  • NEBOSH in Canada
  • Environmental Impact Assessment